Classic Rock, Rock Forever Part 2


10 Feb 2018, 9:45 PM


11 Feb 2018, 3:00 AM




Mark this date fellow rockers, 10th Feb 2018, will be a night to be remembered. From 9.45pm onward we are hosting the second edition of Classic Rock night!

Join us and catch these 5 phenomenal bands in action as they celebrate and honor the rock legends! Featuring music from rock, urban and retro genres, it is sure to be a head banging night ahead!

This night’s line up includes

1.Resident RockCation (RockClassic)

2.FlashBackFriday (Moden Rock)

3.Exile Sanctuary(Alternative Rock)

4.Heaven.(Hard Rock)

5.Rockweller classic-Pop Rock + originals

Enjoy free entry and promotional drinks for the duration of the event! It is highly advised for you to book your table in advance to beat the crowd!

Book your table at: 6338 0480

This rock event is made possible by Paulaner at Clarke Quay. We’ll see you there!

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