HeLOL World


23 Jan 2018, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM




Explore the world with joy and laughter as MK Oriental introduce the world to you with their original music.

As the leading crossover band in Taiwan, MK Oriental aims to make music more approachable and easier to understand. They integrate Eastern and Western music, break down the barriers between Classical and Pop music and come up with a new genre of cross-over music. With a combination of Flute, Piano, Violin, LiuQuin(柳琴), Guitar, Bass and Drum, MK Oriental creates a wide variety of melody that you may have never experienced.

This is the very first time MK Oriental set foot on a global tour. It would be appropriate to introduce themselves to the world, as they bring the world music to you. In “HeLOL World”, you would experience diversified culture from different civilizations, enjoy the music around the world and laugh with us as we explore this beautiful world together.

Cross Over Music is not the only reason why MK Oriental stands out. Comedy plays a large role in their performances. Eric Wang (Flutist) and Sunny Jiang (Pianist) like to laugh, and they LOVE to make people laugh. Between MK’s pieces, Eric and Sunny will elaborate the stories behind every composition in a hilarious fashion. Not only will you enjoy their music, you will also fall in love with their charisma and their sense of humor.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for HeLOL World and explore the world with MK Oriental. All you have to do is to sit back, relax and laugh.

Just remember, don’t laugh too hard.

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Esplanade Recital Studio
1 Esplanade Drive
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