California Native: MILES Medina // 24 Feb


24 Feb 2018, 10:00 PM


25 Feb 2018, 6:00 AM




Mention the name Miles Medina in the nightlife industry and just about everyone will tell you he's everything you could look for in a DJ. A talented, humble, and passionate individual that loves music and will do everything in his power to make sure people go home with a smile on their face.

The Bay Area native started to gain interest in DJ'ing at the young age of 10. A few years later, Miles began to make a name for himself in the bay area battle scene by entering DJ competitions and woo'ing audiences with his second to none routines. Recently, Miles gained domestic notoriety by winning one of the Beezo Battle competitions in Los Angeles, California.

Being a battle DJ was just the tip of the iceberg for his young and promising career. Shortly after making noise in the localbattle scene, Miles was given the opportunity to do a guest spot on Club 949, a nationwide syndicated mixshow that featured the likes of world renowned party rockers such as Vice, Scene, Stonerokk and much more. HIs new found audience and following eventually landed him a weekly residence on the show and became Club 949's featured DJ.

Even before Miles was old enough to buy his own alcohol, he was already spinning in the bay area's premiere nightclubs every week. In 2010, Miles joined forces with another local favorite DJ, Panic City to create Urfriends. A 2×4 wrecking machine that brings a unique and energetic dimension to the nightlife experience.

Time and time again, its proven that anything Miles puts his hands on turns to gold. Call him whatever you want: a musical genius, a whiz kid or simply someone that was born to be a DJ. A technical mastermind on the turntables with the willingness to bring world class talent to a dance floor near you. Miles Medina baby.



MUSIC: Modern Open Format + Hip Hop


Guys: Long pants, button down shirt and shoes

Ladies: Cocktail attire and heels

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