Happy Chinese New Year Concert 2018 欢乐春节 - 新春音乐会 2018


4 Mar 2018, 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM




Celebrate your Chinese New Year with Ding Yi and Joanna Dong, Singaporean Jazz vocalist and top three finalists in Sing! China 2017, as we blend familiar Chinese New Year tunes with a unique twist of Jazz elements!

Soprano, He Cai Xia will also perform reminiscing Chinese folk songs. Ding Yi’s ruan musician, Kenny Chan and cellist, Chee Jun Sian will also perform their rendition of Chinese classics, specially written for Chinese chamber ensemble, The Garden after Rain and Metaphysical North, arousing your aural senses to celebrate this joyous festivity.




Pop Tunes 流行歌曲

I want your love 《我要你的爱》

Love Tunes 1990《恋曲1990》

Chinese Folk Songs 中国民歌

The beautiful Tibetan plateau《青藏高原》

A love from afar《远情》

Chinese Chamber Music 华乐室内乐

The Garden after rain 《雨后庭院》

Metaphysical North《玄朔》

Chinese New Year Medley 《新年组曲》


Wong De Li, Dedric, conductor | 黄德励,指挥

Joanna Dong, vocal | 董姿彦,演唱

He Cai Xia, soprano | 何彩霞,女高音

Kenny Chan, ruan | 曾靖文,阮

Chee Jun Sian, cello | 徐君翔,大提琴

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China Cultural Centre Theatre / 中国文化中心剧院
217 Queen Street
Level 4
Singapore 188548