Juicy Blues Rock Guitar Master Class


4 Feb 2018, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM




Are you a blues or rock guitarist who wants to take your solos and improvisation skills to a new level? Join us for this master class at the Crazy Elephant in clarke quay to EASILY learn juicy guitar tricks & licks from rock n roll renegade Seth Roach. Good stuff guaranteed. This master class has a no money back policy because it is donation based!

Video of Seth on Guitar - youtu.be/H-YtMH0XJek

* Open invitation to you and if you want to invite your friends

* Feel free to bring acoustic guitar

* Relevant for pentatonic scale users

* Featuring guest artist Khalis Jalil

* It's an interactive class where you can ask questions, share knowledge and get involved to play music

Seth Roach is a multi instrumental rhythm master from Louisiana USA. He plays guitar, piano, keyboard, flute, sings & produces music in a wide variety of genres like Rock n Roll, Blues, Funk, Samba, Bossa Nova and more. He has been performing, composing and recording music in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, USA and Brazil for over 10 years. He collaborates with many different artists and bands both in live shows and in the studio. He currently plays music at the Crazy Elephant.

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Crazy Elephant
3E River Valley Road
Singapore 179024