Eric Volta (Kill The DJ / Visionquest / Ellum) ALL NIGHT LONG


3 Feb 2018, 10:00 PM


4 Feb 2018, 4:00 AM




BLACKOUT (Singapore) is pleased to bring back the man who calls himself ERIC VOLTA. His sunrise set at Wonderfruit was one of the highlights for 2017. Super excited to have him back again!

As a DJ, it's nice to be able to play what you want and not be bounded by set times, or have a warmup DJ totally ruin it for you before you jump on. This time we give Eric Volta the musical freedom and have given him an ALL NIGHT LONG set. Expect to be taken on a musical journey !!

We head over to Golden X The Great Escape for this party. A rooftop carpark with a bar, great view and decently priced drinks. Most importantly it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city and tourists.

FREE PARTY! Because its my way of saying THANK YOU for always supporting the parties and events I do, and also because sometimes we just wanna party and have fun to good music with good people! <3

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 3rd.

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The Great Escape
6001 Beach Road
Level 5
Singapore 199589