Mantravine's "Arambha" Album Launch - World Electronic Music


25 Feb 2018, 2:00 PM - 10:30 PM




Despite crazy visa issues, lost bags, bandmates and countless uncertainties we pulled through to tour our latest album "Arambha" in New Zealand. We would love to do an album launch for you at Camp Kilo to share our life changing expedition live in person during the brunch improv, sunset serenade and night time boogie. Join us for a day of delightful world music, delicious food and drink with tunes from some of our favourite local legends <3

Mantravine is a world electronic band from Singapore whose genetic make up includes a Turkish DJ, Singaporean vocalist, Japanese Trombonist, Malaysian violinist, Cuban rockstar and Indian music producer. Slip on your dancing shoes and we'll bring you through a journey you haven't experienced before -

Supported by Funktion One speakers courtesy of Rebel Decibel -

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Camp Kilo Charcoal Club
66 Kampong Bugis
Singapore 338987