Yu Tian ~ King of Songs 2018 Concert 余天 ~ 歌王之王2018演唱会


6 May 2018, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM




Come witness the superb singing power of Yu Tian 余天 and his guest Li Ya Ping 李亚萍, veteran singer-host, husband and wife team, who had been in the entertainment industry since the 70s.

Yu Tian started his career in 1964 as a singer and host in the highly rated TV programme 《群星会》and his 1977 signature song 《榕树下》is still a hit after all these years.

Yu Tian has many hit songs such as 《追梦》,《原谅我吧 !心上人》,《舞台》,《对你怀念特别多》,《又是黄昏》,《不如归去》,《冬恋》and more . Besides singing, Yu Tian also hosted many TV programmes 《综艺兵团》,《天天星期天》,《台湾开心秀 》,《王牌点唱秀 》,《冠军点唱秀》,《猪哥会社 》and more.

Li Ya Ping started her singing career since 1968 with her signature song 《醒来吧!雷梦娜》which is still well-received till today. She has many other hit songs such as 《我没有抛弃你》,《迷人的微笑》,《爱不是占有》and many more .

Yu Tian and Li Ya Ping has many duet songs such as 《相逢夕阳下》,《夫妻之歌》,《星夜的离别》,《相见不如怀念》, 《情侣》and many more. They also hosted TV programmes 《枪钱夫妻档》and《身体密码》together.

This couple had performed to countless sold out shows, quick grab your tickets now before tickets are being snapped out.

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