The Modern Ensemble


31 Mar 2018, 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM


World Music


The Modern Ensemble, who specialises in playing Indonesian instruments such as the angklung, kulintang and gamelan, presents a contemporary sound that combines their instruments with western strings and percussion.

Djoko Mangkrengg

Formed in 2009 by late music director Mohamed Khamis Selamat, Djoko Mangkrengg, which means “enthusiastic youth” in Javanese, is a performing arts group based at Pasir Ris East Community Centre. Its mission is to provide a platform for students to pursue their passion in traditional Malay music after they have graduated from their respective schools.

There are two parts to the ensemble: one features gamelan instruments tuned to the diatonic and chromatic scale, while the other is a modern ensemble that performs mainly on Indonesian instruments such as the angklung, kulintang and gamelan. The latter also brings western instruments such as strings and percussions into the mix for a contemporary sound. Their late director’s aim was to create a distinctive Singaporean sound through this concept.

Djoko Mangkrengg hopes to provide the platform for young musicians to carry on playing and performing so that this unique art form will live on in years to come.

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