31 Mar 2018, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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The day of festivities at GEMADAH – Traditional Malay Music Festival concludes with an outdoor gala concert, marking the successful revival of vanishing Malay music forms with a showcase of one of the biggest collaborations between the top talents of homegrown Malay music ensembles.

Listen to the lush tunes and intricate beats of folk and traditional syncretic music of the Malay asli orchestra. Notable music arrangers including Dzul Rabull Jalil, Aidil Akmal, Azrin Abdullah, Al Hafiz Jamat and Fadhli Ramlee present a plethora of songs, of genres such as inang, ghazal and zapin.

With a combined orchestra consisting of musicians from AltoAura, D’Classique, Gendang Akustika, Nobat Kota Singa, Orkes Mutiara, Orkestra Sri Temasek, Sinar Fusika and Sri Mahligai, expect a gala concert that will be nothing short of breathtaking.

About Dzul Rabull Jalil (Conductor and Arranger)

Dzul Rabull is an instrumentalist, composer and arranger with five instrumental albums under his belt, and numerous other albums as a sessionist and arranger.

He has been involved in various productions mainly with Malay arts groups in Singapore for more than 20 years. He has been the music director and sound artist for the annual Muara Festival, Raden Mas Bangsawan, Mr Magnolia, Syair Biola and Tumasik to name a few.

He also teaches music in MOE schools at primary and tertiary levels, as well as ethnic music, mainly the angklung, gamelan and ethnic percussions.

About Aidil Akmal (Music Arranger)

A freelance producer, arranger and singer-songwriter, Aidil Akmal has been involved in various performances and productions in theatre, for Singapore Youth Festival, Esplanade shows, and more.

Aidil Akmal graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering. After serving his National Service from 2012 to 2014, he pursued a Diploma in Music Production and Audio Engineering from Orita Sinclair School of the Arts, for which he graduated with distinction.

In 2014, Aidil Akmal participated in a local songwriting competition called Projek Rentak, held by Warna Ria and COMPAS. He won first runner-up for his song, Langit KeTujuh.

Since 2011, Aidil Akmal has been a part of the Singapore Malay Orchestra (SMO) as a resident singer. He has been involved in numerous prestige shows with SMO, which includes the Chingay Parade, appreciation dinners, SMO’s shows at Esplanade, and more. Aidil Akmal was the music director for two consecutive Pesta Raya shows held by Esplanade in 2015 and 2016.

About Azrin Abdullah (Music Arranger)

Azrin Abdullah started out learning the acoustic guitar at the age of six, played his first music performance at the age of nine, and has not stopped since. An active member of the traditional Malay music ensemble Sri Mahligai, he has composed and arranged numerous music pieces for Malay dance items and productions since 2003, and was Music Director for some theatre and dance productions.

One of the songs which he co-wrote was Menganyam Pelangi for Sri Mahligai’s debut album Jati. The song shot to #7 in the world/ethnic music charts of South Korea’s Gangwon Radio Station in December 2004.

Besides composing songs, Azrin also directs music for theatre and dance productions by Sriwana, Aziparasi Dance Group, Kres Dancers and Dian Dancers, to name a few. He was a featured musician at Chingay 2011 and National Day Parade 2012.

He has attended courses overseas funded by the National Arts Council, and has won awards for his compositions and performances.

Azrin is well-versed in gambus and oud, both of which belong to the lute family. Earlier this year, he attended two masterclasses held in Istanbul by Turkish oud virtuoso, Osman Yurdal Tokcan. He also produced the 1st Singapore Gambus Conference in 2016, in conjunction with Malay Culture Festival.

Also check out Azrin Abdullah’s Oud Masterclass

About Al Hafiz Jamat (Music Arranger)

Alhafiz Jamat, one third of Singapore’s leading instrumental band, OrkeStar Trio, is a renowned multi-instrumentalist with a specialisation in the bamboo flute, or seruling. His ability to mesmerise audiences has made him one of the most sought-after musicians in the local Malay arts scene.

One of the key highlights of Alhafiz’s music journey was having the opportunity to record an instrumental album. All the songs from the Javanese/Malay-Influenced album Dharma was composed and arranged by him under the guidance of the late album producer, Zag Fahmoa. The debut album was released in 2006.

Together with the trio, Alhafiz has represented Singapore in international music festivals in Turkey, India, Japan, Slovenia, Hawaii, Brazil and Indonesia, among others.

In addition, he also performs with his traditional Malay ensemble Sri Gemilang, sessions for music, dance and theatre productions, and composes Malay dance music for schools as part of the Singapore Youth Festival.

About Fadhli Ramlee (Music Arranger)

Muhammad Fadhli bin Ramli @ Fadhli Ramlee started in the professional arts industry in 2003, delving into various art forms such as traditional Malay dance with Kirana Seni and Malay theatre. He has worked with various theatre companies including Teater Ekamatra, Teater Titisan, Teater Artistik, Teater 2000, and Sri Anggerek Bangsawan.

Fadhli plays the accordion. He set up traditional Malay music ensemble Orkes Mutiara in 2006, and is also a member of Nadi Singapura. He was music director for various productions including Ristari Zaman : Kirana Seni, Era Dance Theatre's Kacip Mas Dulang Permata and Esplanade’s Ma'ma Yong, About Nothing Much To Do.

His latest work was as a playwright and actor for Orkestra Melayu Singapura‘s concert, Retro Pop Nusantara.

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