T’ang Quartet presents What The Fugue!


25 Mar 2018, 7:30 PM - 8:55 PM




In this second concert of a series that pays homage to Beethoven, the T’ang Quartet, in an embrace of change and variation, explores the fugue and chaconne — both revered musical vehicles for metamorphosis.

Fiddling with the Fugue

While Bach was considered the intellectual master of the fugue, Beethoven took it to new spiritual and emotional heights with his Grosse Fuge.

In his final composition, dismissed as “incomprehensible, like Chinese”, Beethoven takes us on a psychotic journey of creativity and propels us headlong into "a confusion of Babel". Only Stravinsky recognised it as “an absolutely contemporary piece of music that will be contemporary forever”.

Criss-crossing past and present with the Chaconne

Just as Beethoven revolutionised the fugue, Britten conveyed the ancient form of the Chaconne into the future.

His Second Quartet, dedicated to the memory of Purcell, begins evocatively, shifts into an unnerving and argumentative second movement, and concludes brilliantly — in a masterclass of musical transformation — with the Chacony.



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