Freaky Friday with Safeguard Tapestry SiFulan Fauxe JonJo U.K


13 Apr 2018, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM




Date: 13th April 2018

Time: 7pm (Show will start on time)

Tickets: $10

Venue: Lithe House



the vocalist of this band is a huge fan of maki san. too bad he isnt getting any more free stuff cause i'm not working there anymore. if you like touche amore and unpolished raw music. you might dig them.


band merepek step sedih. tkmo layan


This screamo band rarely plays. If you don't come to this show you all will regret it uh. if the late bujang lapoks were still around and formed a skramz band. they would probably sound like siFulan


Nothing much has been said, nothing much will be seen. The music is all that has and will ever matter. Music that comes from the darkest of places. A celebration of the good that comes out of misery. The mask shields the fragile. Broken, but strong. F ∆ U X E is the common man’s lament - the average person’s inspiration - the identity beyond the face. F ∆ U X E is not one, but all - a profound study of the human condition and what breeds creativity despite systematic repression. F ∆ U X E is you, or me, but never seen.

Jon Jo (UK)

U.K boy Jonjo wonders the streets of Nottingham. Painting his thoughts out mentally, which to then craft into a twisted arrangement. Finding it hard to break the ball and chain in the studio, Producer / Musician Jonjo throws Trashy beats inspired by old school, minimal Trip-Hop/Hip-Hop. By adding poetic rhythms tangled within melting instrumentation a dream playground of yellow skies within a crisis in heaven appears. Live appearance on Vocals/ keys/guitar.

Accompanied on the night with Jonjo will be Elliott McCoid on bass, Wesley Morgan on Percussion and Andy Bongo on keyboard. Also with a very special guest Motormouf the lyrical genius with the maddest flow.

ffo: nujabes, trip hop, kattie

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Lithe House
23 Madras Street
Singapore 208418