Taiwan 4 Divas ~ Original Singers For Movies And Drama Songs 台湾四大歌后演唱会 ~ 电影电视剧歌曲原唱


22 Jul 2018, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM




A reunion of original singers behind the theme songs of well-known movies and drama since the 70s. A night of reminisce with Gao Sheng Mei 高胜美, Chen Ying Jie 陈盈洁, Wu Xiu Zhu 吴秀珠 and Yu Ying Ying 于樱樱 as they joined hands to bring you all-time favourite hits.

Gao Sheng Mei is known to be 琼瑶 Qiong Yao songs' ambassador, her collection of songs include 青青河边草, 三朵花, 海鸥飞处彩云飞 and claimed Taiwan Hit Awards - best female Mandarin singer award in 1992.

Chen Ying Jie – a disciple of renowned composer 刘家昌 Liu Jia Chang, has sung many movie theme songs: 誓言, 密密相思林,菩提门 and many other classic hits. Chen has also acted in many movies and drama serials.

Wu Xiu Zhu - Having sung numerous movie songs, nicknamed Little Wild Kitten, is known to be bubbly and energetic on stage. Her hits include: 没有留下地址, 飞跃在我心,此情可问天,桑园 and many more.

Yu Ying Ying - 梨花泪,一缕相思情,爱在夕阳下,赎罪,are familiar must-listen drama serials theme songs, and were great hits of times.

Indulge yourself with a nostalgic night of classic hits.

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