A Visual Soundscape: Expect Nothing, Experience Everything


18 Mar 2018, 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM




A Visual Soundscape: Expect Nothing, Experience Everything

An immersive experience created in collaboration with Frinla on sound design and on visuals Thesupersystem, Matthew Lee and 1G with a mission to pull you in sonically and visually, in a space of its own. Playing with emotions and possibly awakening the mind and senses into a series of boundless visual escapisms.

We invite the listener to indulge in the beautiful soundscapes and immerse in dark atmospheres created around huge breaks and mechanically inspired visuals.

Working In A Loop [Ableton Workshop]

Foley recording

Processing a sample

Building your own loop.

Samples provided.

Participants must have Ableton live(30 day trial)

which can be downloaded for free


Bring your laptop, headphones, midi controller or anything you

wish to imply to the loop (guitar, interface etc).

About Frinla

Frinla is the alter ego of Canadian-born, Singapore-based sound artist Axel Serik. After the experimentation of dark, post-metal music through his former bedroom project Navire Creux, we continue to witness the evolution of his existential cathartic outlets.

Heavy on dark industrial, deeply atmospheric textures and Foley recordings — the soundscape of this boundless sound project consists of sculptured harmonics from string instruments, low frequency rumbles and machine noises sometimes supplemented by everyday objects recorded with an iPhone and other found sounds such as percussive rhythms, voices often processed to the point where the original sample cannot be recognised.

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