7 Apr 2018, 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM




"Sophisticated and accessible"

The Business Times

"Its music is cross-cultural Asian, and crosses over comfortably between genres and eras, with an unexpected air of jazz, fusion and indie music about it .… Be sure not to miss their next trip !"The Straits Times

A scientist discovers by chance an unusual cigar-shaped comet travelling through our solar system – the first interstellar object to do so. A documentary maker finds a hidden network that trees used to communicate with each other. A marine biology student's research uncovers a mysterious song from the ocean. Seemingly unrelated events connect the strangers to reveal a world hidden on Earth that will forever change the way humanity perceive its existence.

'Oumuamua celebrates the idea that all living things exist to communicate – nature's affirmation that we are all inexplicably connected in this Universe. Inspired by the first known interstellar object named “Oumuamua” (meaning “a messenger from afar arriving first” in Hawaiian) which passed through the Solar System on 19 October 2017, the concert will take listeners on a transcendental music journey into nature's hidden worlds on Earth and explores the interstellar connections of life beyond our planet.

With original music and sound design by award-winning composer-pianist Tze Toh, this project brings together the grandeur of film music, and a fusion of classical music with groundbreaking live collective jazz, carnatic and vocal improvisation, performed by an international, diverse group of musicians.


Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Roberto Alvarez (flute), Wu Bingling (violin), Helena Hulsman (jazz vocals), Izumi Sado (soprano), Akilesh VM (percussion), Wendy Phua (e.bass), Miyata Masato (bass), Loraine Muthiah (piano, keyboard) and Tze Toh (piano, keyoard).

TO ensemble

Tze Toh

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