Plus One with Shai, Styluxtakut and Fadille


14 Apr 2018, 6:30 PM


15 Apr 2018, 5:00 AM




Plus One with DJ SHAI, Styluxtakut and Fadille

Expect nothing less than a triple threat with Shai joining Styluxtakut and Fadille to fire up the dancefloor! It’s a rocking night of Open Format hits, as we go more the merrier on the decks!


Embarking on a quest to be the, if not one of the best DJs in Asia, DJ Shai has come a long way in his musical journey. Joining all sorts of DJing competition, most notably Live Mix Maestro 2012 where he came in first, this DJ has a unique sense of musical style. Specializing in Hip-Hop/R&B, DJ Shai has acquired knowledge on all commercial music while playing in various clubs such as Velvet, Phuture (Zouk), F.Club, Avalon and Altimate to just name a few. Surrounding himself with some of the legends in the industry alongside collective such as AOS, who guided and mentored him in his musical path. Combining new school sound with a class of the old school, DJ Shai will always give a night to remember.

Doors open from 6.30pm

Cover charge of $25 applies after 10.30pm

(inclusive of 1 standard house pour)

For table reservations, email to,

alternatively, contact us at (65) 9177 7307 for enquiries.

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Bar Rouge
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Floor 71
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