Destination: INK [April 2018 Edition]


9 Apr 2018, 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Folk & Singer / Songwriter


If you're wondering why "Body Parts".. We don't know either!! It seemed random enough to be funny. This month is for you to be as random, as funny, as wild, as liberated as you have been and will continue to be. Talk about that one time you tried asking a cute stranger for a dance but you panicked and ran with an excuse to answer a call from your dad at 2am, or that one time you pooped your pants as an adult or that one time you tried writing this piece of copy but you're actually too brain-dead from work to think of anything remotely witty.

Neither which are funny to me. Those were terribly sad days.

As always, our themes are writing prompts in case you're feeling stumped. They're not rules!

Here are the actual d:ink rules: Original pieces only! If you're sharing spoken word, you get 5 minutes. If you are sharing music, you get 7 minutes. To register as a performer, make sure you are one of the forest (first) 15 sign-ups on this event page. Simply leaf a post on our wall by 11th March and tell us whether you need a music or poetree slot.

ENTRY: $4 at the door (including performers)

LOCATION: 3rd floor of Blu Jaz Cafe



destination: INK is an open mic that celebrates the awesomeness of words. Whether born as poems, prose, scripts, lyrics or a mixed heritage of multimedia pictorial gadgetry, bring them down for a playdate every month with us.

We‘re growing d:INK as an incubator for all your ORIGINAL (ORIGINALS ONLY GUIZE) literary/visual/sonic experiments. Test out new material, meet future collaborators or just hang out with family. Stay for the OPEN-OPEN MIC AFTER!

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Blu Jaz Cafe, Level 3
11 Bali Lane
3rd Floor
Singapore 189848