Taiwan 4 Hokkien Kings 台湾4大福建天王


22 Sep 2018, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM




Taiwan 4 Hokkien Kings concert bring together Taiwan popular hokkien singers Ah Ji Zai 阿吉仔, Feng Wei Jie冯伟杰, Shen Wen Chen沈文程and Ye Qi Tian叶启田performing at the Resorts World Theatre, Sentosa.

Ah Ji Zai, singer-songwriter, was diagnosed with polio at child birth but that did not stop him from pursing his passion at music. His signature song 命运的吉他 bought him fame and recognition in the Taiwan music industry. His other hit songs includes 同心行同路, 月娘我问你, 只爱你一个, 一双手牵一世人, 板凳舞 and more.

Feng Wei Jie aka Ah Jie, who is the lead singer of the ex-duo group 办桌二人组, shot to fame with his signature 在心里从此永远有个你in Taiwan and China. He will belt out his hit songs that includes 今仔日, 不要说再见, 等待春天, 伤心的你, 为情为爱赌性命 and more.

Shen Wen Cheng, singer-songwriter-producer-host, had been awarded Best Compere from 2000 to 2004 and Best Hokkien male singer in 1999 in Taiwan. He will belt out his hit songs that includes心事谁人知, 云中月, 旧情也绵绵, 一条手巾仔, 冷冷的心上人 and more.

Ye Qi Tian, singer-songwriter, known to many as the Taiwan King of Hokkien Pop 台湾宝岛歌王gained popularity and recognition in the Hokkien music scene with his signature hit song 爱拼才会赢which was widely sang by many artistes all over Asia. His singing career started way back in 1964 and had released more than 50 albums with hit songs such as浪子的心情, 男性的本领, 干一杯, 内山姑娘要出嫁, 野鸟 and more.

Circle the date on your calendar and watch how they try to outshine and compete with one another with their stage persona and hit songs making it an unforgettable night for all.

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Resorts World Theatre
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098269